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The Greyhound Inn Community Pub Update

We’ve now smashed our secondary target and raised £203,330!! What an incredible amount – well done Marsh Gibbon!!!

We will now begin the process of working through the necessary legal arrangements. The survey has been completed and it has given rise to several new areas of major concern.  There are a number of new issues with both the main building and outbuildings that have been reported, each of these have significant costs associated with them and will need to be investigated further.

For more information, please read the news article.

The Greyhound Inn Totaliser

The Greyhound Inn Share Offer Documentation

To apply to join the share offer please complete the application form.

All the details of the share offer are available in the Share Offer document.

All other relevant documents are available here.

Any questions please contact marshgibboncp@gmail.com

Our vision

Please take a moment to read the following as what it contains could have a profound and long-lasting positive impact on our village. Our aim is to make The Greyhound Inn a focal point for the community to be able to come together in a safe, warm and welcoming environment. A pub that provides facilities, services, events and a character that the village can be truly proud of. Maintaining the current links with the Friendly Society, the Village Hall whilst forging new relationships with groups and individuals in the village are key drivers for the success of this project. The following people Jerry, Paul, Richard, Chris, Lesley, Darren, James, David and Will (with a large dose of help from the community in Marsh Gibbon) proposes to fundraise enough money to acquire, carry out initial works and provide the start up working capital to run The Greyhound Inn as a Community Owned Public House.

This working group is busy formulating a plan to bring The Greyhound Inn Public House back to its former glory. The Greyhound Inn is the ideal choice for a whole host of reasons including its strong ties to the community, a strong reputation outside the village amongst people who live close by, its potential for the outbuildings to be used for community related ventures and of course the links to the Friendly Society. Get to know this group a bit better here.

It is proposed that The Greyhound Inn will be a real ale pub offering a varied range of ales with a focus on the strong microbreweries that can be found close by. The pub will also eventually offer well cooked, well presented and where possible locally sourced pub grub produced by the live in Chef Manager. Value for money will underpin all that we strive to achieve. ‘Special’ themed evenings, quiz nights, sporting event viewing, private hire, music and outdoor events will all form important entries in the pubs social calendar.

In addition to its role as a village pub it is proposed that in due course the plan would be to potentially expand and incorporate perhaps a café and a small shop that could provide basic supplies to village residents, the wider local community, and visitors of all ages. Several other initiatives will be considered which will all be driven by the wants and needs of you the locals! These will all of course, be dependent on trading conditions generating us the funds to make all our plans happen!

What is a community pub?

In recent years there has been a significant growth in the number of community owned pubs, The Greyhound Inn will not be the first venture of this type or indeed the last. There are over 70 such pubs operating in the UK and each one has been set up in a manner that best fits with the local community.

Community pubs have an open and voluntary membership, giving members part ownership of the community business. Community pubs actively encourage individuals from their community to become members by purchasing membership shares, the cost of which are set at an accessible level that the majority of the community will be able to afford. Community pubs are set up on a ‘one member one vote’ basis rather than ‘one share one vote’. This means that all members have an equal say in how they want their local pub to be run, regardless of the number of shares they purchase.

How are we funding it?

This is the second part of our request for support. The main funding is expected to be generated through the sale of shares in a Community Benefit Society. The value of shares and maximum and minimum holdings have yet to be finalised, but each member will have an equal vote in the society irrespective of their shareholding, this follows the key Society principle of ‘one Member, one Vote’.

We know that many of the villagers have links to friends and family in other areas and we would welcome their contribution with open arms. We feel that the opportunity to purchase shares in a traditional English village pub with a history stretching back hundreds of years will appeal to many people

This kind of venture has been successfully achieved in other communities all over the UK and most of these have been set up with the support of the charity Plunkett Foundation. Will our community be the next one? If you wish to speak directly to one of the team about this project, please contact one of the following:

Who are we?

The Steering Group members who have established the project come from a variety of backgrounds and have a range of relevant experience, skills, and reasons for volunteering, not least of all a passion for a great pub to meet and enjoy together with friends. A summary of who is currently involved is detailed here:

Darren Bell

Chris Colclough

Richard Cross

James Dodd

David Ellis

Will Lambourne

Paul Symonds

Jerry Taylor

Lesley Taylor