Survey Results: an update

Dear All,

We have now had a chance to go through the full survey report and want to let you know that it has given rise to several new areas of major concern.  There are a number of new issues with both the main building and outbuildings that have been reported, each of these have significant costs associated with them and will need to be investigated further.

The list of repair and maintenance jobs required is therefore much larger, in the opinion of our surveyors, than the interim schedule of dilapidations from Ewelme suggests.

We have therefore taken the following action this week:

  1. Pushing responsibility back to Ewelme:  We have sent the report to Ewelme to highlight the new items and the substantial rise in costs.  In addition, our surveyors have indicated a number of items that they believe are outside of the responsibilities of the leaseholder and we think that there are even more items that Ewelme, or Richard and Suwanna, should take responsibility for themselves. We will therefore be discussing this with Sidley’s own surveyor and property manager next week and highlighting the findings to Richard and Suwanna.
  2. Seeking clarity from our surveyors on a number of items:  we have also asked a number of questions of our own surveyors to make sure that the information is presented as clearly as possible for all parties.  They have already agreed that they will do this.

The survey has been very comprehensive and thorough and therefore, Ridge and Partners have delivered what we asked them to.  

We should be clear that, if we are considered to be responsible for all of the issues that have been identified in this new survey, then it would not be possible for us to proceed.   We must, therefore, wait for Ewelme’s response and stand firm in the belief that the key elements concerning the fabric of the building should be their responsibility.

We will of course keep you informed as the discussions progress next week.


The Greyhound Inn CBS Management Committee