We’ve done it!

What a community response!!

We’ve done it! Our first level target of £160,000 has been achieved – THANK YOU!

  • To all of you who invested early, thank you. You quickly established us as a credible and real option and without you our negotiations would not have been possible.
  • To all of you who provided input and feedback, thank you for letting us know what we needed to do.
  • To all of you who responded so quickly and decisively after last Saturday’s update, thank you. You told us that you’d invest if we got a fairer deal, and you certainly did.
  • To all of you who are thinking that you might still invest in the final 2 days, please do. Although we have reached our minimum target we always had a secondary target of £200K to enable us to achieve more, and with prices going up we will need every penny – you could help us get a bit closer towards it.

The more funds we raise, the more we can achieve, hopefully the addition of the café!

We are now ready to setup the necessary legal arrangements, and everything is crossed for our final survey next Tues, 5th April. We really hope that there are no surprises and that we will be able to proceed with confidence.

Thanks to your support, it looks like we are going to have a community pub everybody!! Thank you all for supporting the campaign so far and we are counting on getting your help in the next phase when all the real work begins!